Mi padre.

Daddy was going through some old boxes last night and came across some cards and things that I had made for him as a child.

Apparently, I made him a "book" of my four favorite letters: O, Y, A, and C.  Mommy Dearest is a pharmacist so we have several drug pads/pens/mugs around the house.

Please note the spelling of "yellow" as "yella."  I told you I was a redneck child.  This is further proof.
Back in 1992, Daddy got sick and had to go to the hospital for treatment.  He was supposed to be given antibiotics and be sent home.  They gave him Penicillin, only to discover he was deathly allergic.  He ended up spending a week in the hospital.  This means he missed my birthday and his.  I was a loving and thoughtful child, so I decided to make him a Happy Birthday + Get Well card.  I even drew him a picture.
Pretty good for a 6 year old.
 Can we just pause for a second and discuss something about this drawing?  I'm sure you've noticed and are curious.  What is on that nurse's dress?  Did I give her a penis?  Is that a baby in her belly?  The answer will forever be a mystery, but please submit your guesses!

In conclusion, today is Daddy's 55th birthday.  Happy Birthday Daddy!

Peace out,


Ashley said...

aww this is so sweet that your dad kept all this! :)

Allison said...

Thanks, Ashley. He actually saves every card my mom and I have ever given him. He has 2 drawers in his nightstand full. My mom is the same way. I guess that's where I get my pack-rat tendencies. But it's always so fun to look back at that stuff years later.

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