Fun Facts Friday

I am dubbing today Fun Fact Friday.  Because this is my blog.  And I do what I want.  I'm the boss.  Plus it'll be fun!

I've been watching a lot of bloggers' accent vlogs and I'm contemplating doing one, but I'm awkward in front of a camera (even more so than in real life).  It got me thinking about words, specifically words that I refuse to say.  I can't make my mouth pronounce "rural" (I sound like an old car that won't crank.) and "folks."  Just can't.  I also hate the word "kneecap" for no real reason.  It just makes me cringe.

When I was about 10, what I wanted most in the world (other than JTT returning my fan mail and falling madly in love with me) was to have my ears pierced.  Daddy had a firm rule that I couldn't get my ears pieced until I was 16.  It was pretty much his only rule.  Mommy Dearest took me to the mall one day and we saw magnetic earrings at Claire's and devised a plan.  We came home and I proudly showed Daddy my newly "pierced" ears.  He freaked.  He gave us the silent treatment all night.  Finally one of my earrings fell off in my pizza at dinner and the charade was up.  He's still angry about it. (But he did cave and let me get my ears pierced for my 13th birthday.)

I hate checking my voicemail.  Sometimes, I get extremely slack about it.  Sorry!

I'm getting excited about Black Friday shopping.  (Yes, I'm one of those.)  Last year, we went to my Grandparents' in Alabama on Wednesday and then drove back home after lunch on Thursday.  I slept the whole car ride home.  (A full belly = a good nap!)  We got back home around 10pm and I decided I wanted to go stand in line at Old Navy.  I think I will be doing that again this year.

If I ever get mad enough at someone, I am totally doing this.  Beware.

One time, I ripped off my big toenail with the vacuum cleaner.  Cleaning is dangerous, y'all.  It took it a whole year to fully grow back.

Well, there you go.  Some Fun Fact Friday goodies for you.

Peace out,

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