Special Delivery?

I'm going to tell you a story and then you're going to tell me if you think it's weird.  K?  K.

Last week, I ordered some Hunter rain boots from Gilt and I was impatiently awaiting their arrival.  I came home to my apartment and saw that I had a UPS slip on my door saying they'd been delivered (yay!) to the apartment complex office, but the office had closed at 6:00pm (boo!).  I made a point to go directly home after work the next day.
Sidenote: I have been living in my apartment since March 2009.  I have a terrible habit of buying goodies online, so I get a lot of packages.  However, I also work full-time so I'm never home during delivery hours.
I got to my complex office before 6:00pm (yay!) so I could get my new boots.  The UPS delivery guy was dropping off the packages for the day.  The office lady paused their conversation to get my package for me.  I politely said hello to the UPS man.  Here is how the conversation went:
UPS Man: Hey, I know you.  You sure do get a lot of packages.
Moi: [sheepishly] Haha, yes, I do a lot of online shopping.
UPS Man: And you're NEVER home.  Like ever.
Moi: Yea, I've got a job so that means I'm at work when you're delivering.  Sorry for the inconvenience?
UPS Man: So how's your Mom?
Moi: [Did he just make a "Yo Mama" joke? Why is he asking me this? What is going on?]
UPS Man: [interrupts] Because I remember you saying that she had surgery...I hope she's okay.

***Okay, people, he's right...she did have surgery.  In APRIL.  I have had one encounter with this man.  It was back in April after Mommy Dearest's surgery.  I had ordered something online (shocking) for her birthday (also in April) and there were delivery issues.  That's it.  That is the only time we have ever spoken.  I couldn't have picked the man out of a line-up if my life had depended on it.  

Is this creepy that he remembered?  Or am I just skeptical?

Love and Rockets,


Anonymous said...

I think thats kinda awkward for him to remember that, especially 6 months later. Maybe he is just a super nice guy though!
I am your newest follower!


Allison said...

Glad you found my little corner of the interwebs!

He seems nice and maybe I'm just skeptical because I tend to have the memory of a goldfish. :) Maybe it's because I'm blonde?

Allison said...
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