Here's another reason why cats rule and dogs drool.

Today is the day after Monday, so that means it's time for Talk To Us Tuesday.  It's this great thing over on Impulsive Addict's blog and y'all should check it out.  (And thank you, Impulsive, for giving me interwebs knowledge via Twitter in the wee hours.)

Now, what shall I talk about?
Poop.  I think that's a good start.  
I live in an apartment complex and most of my neighbors have dogs.  I do not.  I have Princess Fiona and I love her.  My complex has those handy doggy clean-up stations.  You know, the ones with the trashcan and the little baggies for picking up poop?  Well I apparently either live with the dumbest people in the world or the laziest.  I went outside last night to take the trash out and decided to go for a little walk afterwards.  I got back up to my apartment and I bent over to feed Fiona.  This put my face in close proximity to the litter box.  I smelled poop.  I checked, but her box was clean.  And then I saw it.  There was a giant turd on the bottom of my shoe.  And all over my beige carpet.  I was livid.  One of my stupid/lazy neighbors couldn't take the .2 extra seconds to pick up their dog's poop and I ended up stepping in it and tracking it back into my home.  Needless to say, I spent the remainder of the night cleaning, but I couldn't get the poop smell out of my nostrils.  I wish I knew who the guilty party was because I would have words with them.  And then I might scoop up the rest of the poop from the grass and leave them a nice present on their doormat.  Jerks.

Does anyone else have this problem where they live?  How would you deal with it?

Sparkle hearts,


Nadine Hightower said...

I worked for a vet for 12 years and have been in the poop so to speak and there is NOTHING on earth that smell as bad as a dog poop. not even pig poop or chicken poop smells as bad as dog poop. And it takes forever to get it out off whatever you get it on... that smell lingers!

Anonymous said...

Yuck! That happened at my apt complex one time, too. Except it was a guest I was having over. He stepped in poo and tracked it all over my apt before he realized it. People need to learn to take care of their own sh*t, so to speak. ;o)

Shawn said...

It happens all of the time. There was a lady walking her dog on a retractable leash on the trail that goes through my backyard. My dogs went crazy chasing her dog, at the time I only had an electric fence, she freaked accusing my dogs of trying to eat hers. After investigating I discovered that she was letting her dog shiz in my yard and my dogs were only doing their job. I know this because I have 90+ pound dogs and their poop is bigger than the finger sized turd her little kick-dog left behind! Some people have no clue what so ever on how to be courteous.

Thanks for linking up with us, it's nice seeing a new face on the linky!

Impulsive Addict said...

Yaaaay! You linked up with us!!!!! I'm glad I gave good directions. I worry myself sometimes.

Poop is my favorite conversation to have. I hate that you stepped in it. Ewww! And it's so rude when people walk their dog and they let them poop in my yard...where my daughter plays! It irritates me so I'm right there with ya!

Thanks for joining Shawn and I this week! Now that you know how, come back and do it again next week! =)

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