Do you ever get really annoyed with someone and just want to karate chop them in the throat? Like really hard. Knock the stupid right out of their mouth. I have a growing list of people to karate chop. I'm in an extremely foul mood right now because of these people. Especially the cranky ones that bust up into my day and ask me what my problem is. Excuse me? I didn't have a problem until you started accusing me of having one. Thanks for making me cranky. And now that I'm thinking about it, I have a few things that are really chapping my ass. I won't go into detail because I need to cut my rage short if I want to have any chance of sleeping tonight. You, my lovely readers, are not on my karate chop list. Because you are awesome.


Lessons in customer service etiquette. And maybe some conjunctivitis, because that's sexy.

I don't know what the weather is like where y'all live, but it's nasty here.  Cold, wet, and icky.  This weather affects my mood and makes me a wee bit cranky.  And bitter.  And freaking cold.  Although cold isn't an emotion...shut up.

On my lunch break, I decided to stop by the gas station and get some of the nectar of the gods Dr. Pepper.  I was like the third person in a long check-out line.  The woman running the register had the IQ of a potato chip.  She had 14-inch-long fingernails that looked like she was vying for a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Well, maybe not quite that long.  How does she wipe her own arse?  {here}
Somehow, she manages to close her register.  She has no clue how it happened and no clue how to fix it.  Like zip, zilch, nada.  Dumber than potato chips.  She then informs everyone in line that we should probably leave because she wasn't going to be able to do anything.  Really?!  If you own a business that hires cashiers, here are a few ground rules you should probably follow:
  1. Never hire anyone who is not capable of operating a register.  After all, that is their main task.
  2. If you are dumb enough to hire someone who is not capable of operating said register, never allow them to work a shift alone.
  3. Don't hire people with potato chip IQs.
Needless to say, I left empty-handed.  She seems like the type of person who spells Nancy with an "S."  Stupid people should not be allowed to breed.  I, clearly, would be allowed to have infinite amounts of babies, because I am not one of those people.  (Shut up.)  

I mentioned in my last post that I did quite a bit of shopping on Black Friday.  I received a phone call from my bank last night alerting me that I might have someone fraudulently using my account.  Yikes!  As instructed, I called the fraud customer service line and try to get to the bottom of this.  She said that there had been an abnormal amount of activity on my account in the past few days and they needed to verify that the transactions were indeed mine.  A hold had been placed on my account just to be safe.  Okay...  She reads off a seemingly endless list of transactions.  All of them were mine.  She judged me.  I politely explained to her that there were bazillions of sales this weekend, as it is one of the busiest shopping weekends of the whole year.  I was obviously buying Christmas presents for all of the wonderful people in my life useless stuff for myself.  Tis the season, lady.  She still judged me and suggested that I not do that again.  After all, if I was spending at such a rapid pace that it would suggest fraud, that might be a problem.  She's jealous that I didn't buy her anything on Black Friday.

I think I may be coming down with a sweet case of pink eye.  Aren't I too old for this?  Let's all say a prayer that I just have itchy eyeballs.  Better yet, let's pray that my eyeballs stop itching all together.  I like that plan better.



Turkeys, babies, sales, and Staph...That's what the holidays are all about!

Sorry for the hiatus.  I've had a busy holiday weekend.  I hope everyone had a (ful)filling Thanksgiving!  Here's a recap of the festivities:
After work on Wednesday, my parents and I drove down to Alabama to my grandparents' house.  Thursday morning was a flurry of yummy dishes being prepared and family arriving.  Take a look at this impressive Turkey Day spread!
Soak it all in.  
From L to R: (top row) cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, mac and cheese, dressing, (bottom row) cranberry salad, squash casserole, sweet potato souffle, and black-eyed peas
From L to R: (top row) cornbread, mashed sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans, mashed potatoes, (bottom row) blueberry salad, and sweet potatoes with pineapple
My plate from Round 1.  (We won't discuss Round 2.)  Nom nom nom.
The dessert table: chocolate cake, pumpkin cheesecake, coconut pie, peanut butter pie, pumpkin pie, brownies, more brownies, and other yummies.
It was a ton of food, but that's what you need to feed 23 people.  It was totally worth all of the calories.  After lunch, I played outside with the little ones.
Swing low.

Lovin on baby sister.
Their smiles melt my heart.
Big girls discussing big girl things, like what's in their purses.  After this, they sneaked off to the bathroom to write in their journals.  Divas.
Look at this precious nugget!
We drove home from Alabama after lunch on Thanksgiving.  After we made it home, Mommy Dearest and I were looking at the sale papers and I was coming up with a game plan.  We were watching the 11o'clock news and I heard them say that Old Navy was opening at midnight.  I perused their sale paper and decided that I needed some $5 pajama pants.  Mommy Dearest decided to go to bed and I headed out the door like a moron to go stand in line in the cold at midnight to get into Old Navy.  Yes, I realize the absurdity in this, but I had nothing better to do and I really needed some pajama pants.  I got in and grabbed everything in sight what I needed and proceeded to wait in the check-out line for almost an hour.  I should have expected this, but all the crazies were out, and some of them were standing behind me in line.  There were 2 young couples behind me, and they were just a touch redneck.  I was surprised to see full sets of teeth.  One of the girls was preggers and I overheard her say her due date was the next day.  I swear, I was going to have to flip my shit if her water broke all over me and my new pajamas.  It would have been on the news the next day, next to the headlines of people being trampled to death at Walmart.  Here's a snip-it of a conversation I heard between Girl #2 and Boy #1 (prepare yourself):
Girl #2:  Did I tell you that I had to go to the hospital th'other day?
Boy #1:  Nah, man.  What did you do this time?
Girl #2:  I had a boil on my leg, right in my crotch crease.  I had t'get it lanced.
Boy #1:  I'd've stuck it for ya!  What was in it?
Girl #2:  It was all full up with infection.  Like MRSA and Staph and stuff.  I gotta keep gauze on it though because it's still leakin.
Holy geeze.  Get out of Old Navy!  Stop touching things!  Take your MRSA and Staph and go on somewhere.  Dirty people.  I threw up in my mouth a little.  
I got home from Old Navy and took a little snooze, then Mommy Dearest and I were out among the crazy Black Friday shoppers.  Here's my loot list:
  • Pajama pants and sweaters (Old Navy)
  • DVDs and a Shark steam mop (Target)
  • Glee and Mariah Christmas CDs and Michael Kors pea coat (Costco)
  • New pillows for my bed (Sam's Club)
  • Cute top and sweater (TJ Maxx)
  • Make-up (Ulta)
  • DVDs (Best Buy online)
I think I did pretty well for myself.  Did anyone else do any Black Friday shopping?  What did you score?

Cyber Monday hugs,

PS- I heard that some of my lovely readers were having trouble viewing the pictures of Princess Fiona's birthday, so I reloaded them.  Hope that helps!


S, as in Nancy.

I don't like stupid people.  I was on dumbass overload yesterday.  Dumbassness everywhere.  I had to call a freight provider about an invoicing error.  On my invoice it said, "Call 1-888-HELPME (or something like that) and ask for Heath," so I did.  Here's how that went down:
Dumbass: May I help you?
Moi:  Yes, may I speak with Heath?
Dumbass:  Huh?  Who?
Moi:  Um...Heath, please.  The note on my invoice says to call Heath with questions.
Dumbass:  I don't know who that is.  Do you have a quote number to reference?
Moi:  I sure do.  It's FNL2938747220.
Dumbass:  S, as in Nancy?
Moi:  Uhhh...F, as in Frank...
How about S, as in no stupid, Nancy starts with an N, so maybe you should go back to school to learn how to spell and stop ruining my morning with your dumbassness.  Did that just happen?  Yes, Snancy, it just did.

Snancy says she will talk to you later,



Both All of my readers probably know about my jewelry business, Copper Alley.  Check out the link to see more of my goodies.  Here is the latest piece I made.  It was a custom order through The Pink Monogram.
jFm monogram [2" circle pendant on an 18" split copper chain]
Speaking of feet...oh, wait, we weren't talking about feet... Now we are.  Speaking of feet, I went to see the doctor yesterday about my foot.  Turns out that my foot is healing really well.  Ankle...not so much.  My ankle has continued to be achy and very swollen.  I've got an ankle muffin-top lapping over my shoe.  No lie.  Doc says I might have torn cartilage in my ankle.  Really, Doc?  I go back at the end of December to reevaluate.  Bummer.  Here's an exciting update...I'm not stuck wearing the Reebok Easy Tones anymore!  (I've been wearing the Reeboks with a hard graphite insert in my right shoe since October 26.  Prior to that, I was in a Reebok on the left and a boot on the right (since August 30).  What kicks am I rockin' now?
I bought these Dansko look-a-likes, by Italian Shoemakers (from Off Broadway Shoes).  I may be the only blasphemous female on the planet that hates the way Danskos fit.  They are too loose in the heel region for me, and I realize that's probably why most people like them.  Not me.  I feel like I am going to step out of them at any given time.  These lovelies, however, are a littler slimmer and I love them.  I bought them in black.  Hooray for shoes!

I saw a license plate the other day that said: OMGSHUZ.  Love it.

That's all I have to say about that, Forrest Gump.



Happy Birthday, Princess Fiona!

I am officially 47 notches higher on the Crazy Cat Lady Scale.  In honor of Princess Fiona's 1st birthday, I decided she needed a birthday hat.  They don't make these for cats.  (I checked Petsmart.)  I ventured out to A.C.Moore to buy some crafting supplies to make her a hat, because let's face it, that's what I do.  As I walked in the store, I passed the Salvation Army bell-ringer man.  I politely said hi, and he looked at me kinda strange.  He asked if I was a teacher, to which I asked if I looked like a teacher.  He said he wasn't sure, but why else would I be coming to the craft store?  I told him I was getting birthday supplies for a friend.  I didn't feel like explaining that I was actually there to buy felt to make my cat a birthday hat...for obvious reasons.  Some people just don't understand.

I got home and constructed a pretty sweet hat for the fur baby.  Here she is!
Looks like the birthday girl celebrated a little too hard...
Some days I wish I'd never been adopted...
Getting acquainted with her new toy.
Nom nom nom.
A diva is a female version of a hustler.

She better like that damn birthday hat, because I burnt the tip of my pinkie off with hot glue.

Later gators,


Furry underwear and homemade streamers always make the day better.

I survived the weekend in Gatlinburg and I decided that it is truly the Myrtle Beach of Tennessee.  [I love the Dirty Myrtle, so check yourself before you wreck yourself on that one.]  Here's my recap:
Mommy Dearest and I went to Gatlinburg for the weekend to attend The Norton Show (a wholesale jewelry and accessories expo) for my business, Copper Alley.  Needless to say, we saw some pretty interesting things.
A one-eyed, one-horn,  flying purple people eater.  A purple fur bikini, for all those classy ladies out there.
And a fur jock strap for the gents.  Don't worry guys, they didn't forget about you.
And don't worry.  It has a tail.  'Coon skin hats are so last year.  The future is clearly in 'coon skin junk holders.
I managed to resist the fur, but I did walk away with some nice jewels.  I'll post pictures later when I get the chance to create some things with my new supplies.  Mommy Dearest and I also decided to drive/walk around town and soak in the local culture.
It's Christmas 24/7 in Gatlinburg.
[Silence] Dubya Tee Eff. Someone call Hoarders.  This storefront is ridic.
Winning combination.  Why didn't I think of that?
Fall foliage.
Good ole Rocky Top.

Today is a very important day, and you should all mark it on your calendars so that you remember next year.  Today is Her Highness, Princess Fiona's 1st birthday.  We will obviously be celebrating tonight so I will have pictures of that tomorrow.  However, here she is inside her favorite shopping bag.
Can I help you?
And here is the scene I came home to at lunch today:
Buttface had unrolled and entire roll of paper towels and opened the toaster oven.  She clearly didn't trust me to decorate for her party, so she decided to get to work on the homemade streamers herself.  And attempt to bake a cake in the toaster oven.  Apparently, she opened the oven and then remembered that she doesn't know how to bake cakes.  Silly Fiona.

'Coon skin covered hearts,


Stop diagnosing yourself via WebMD and go pack my suitcase for me.

Time is literally crawling today.  Crawling like a small toddler who hasn't quite gotten the hang of things yet.  Unacceptable.  I spent my morning trying to solve a frustrating issue at work.  Then, I spent my lunch break on the phone with CVS Caremark trying to explain to them that they've messed up my prescriptions for the jabillionth time.  I'm so over them.  If they didn't control the distribution of my precious migraine drugs, we'd be having a nasty break up.  This CVS drama has been going on since October 1.  In case you're counting...that's a month and a half.  I want to punch a pharmacist in the face right about now.  Now I just have to make it through a little over 2-ish hours at work and then go home and race to finish packing so that Mommy Dearest and I can hit the road to Gatlinburg.  We are spending the weekend at at jewelry/accessories expo and then doing some outlet shopping.  Hopefully I will come home with some new pretties to show you!

I'm cranky.  I have things that I need/want to be doing right now, but I can't.  I probably should have done them last night but I was busy watching Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and playing with my iPad.  These are all valid activities, but that meant that I did not pack.

Here's another reason why I'm cranky.  I've been minding my own business today.  Out of the blue, I get a chat message from The Ex.  I haven't heard from him since he called to tell me Happy Birthday (the day before my birthday because he had plans on my actual birthday and, heaven forbid that I be an inconvenience).  I actually haven't even really realized that we haven't been speaking.  He sent me a message saying that he'd been in the ER today.  That sucks.  Why is he telling me?  Go call your girlfriend.
The Ex: Was in the ER today.
Moi: Are you ok?
The Ex:  I messed up my knee.  It's all torn on the inside.
Moi:  How did you hurt it?
The Ex: I don't know.
Moi:  You're in enough pain to need to go to the ER, and you don't know what you were doing when it happened??
The Ex: I worked out 2 weeks ago and it started hurting a week later and it was really hurting this morning.  I sleep in ball and it locked up and when I stood up this morning, it made all these cracking and popping and tearing noises.
Moi:  My knees always sound like that.
The Ex:  I need an MRI but no one will give me one.
Moi:  They aren't candy.  They don't just give them out.  You need a referral from a doctor and you have to schedule an appointment.
The Ex:  They did an X-ray but you can't see torn ligaments on it.
[Yes, genius.  You are correct.  BONES show up on X-rays, not muscles and ligaments.]
Moi:  I wouldn't jump to conclusions if I were you...

He's a hypochondriac.  Bless his heart, every time he gets sick, he thinks it's the plague and that he's going to die.  He is always looking up his symptoms on WebMD and that's never a good plan.  He called me one time (after we'd broken up) and told me he thought he had cancer.  He said that when he was in the shower, he found a lump on his man bits.  I tried to keep him calm and urged him to see a doctor if he really thought it was serious.  I told him that it was probably nothing and that it could just be a swollen lymph node or gland or maybe he just had bumpy bits.  He cried and argued and complained and moped.  He finally went to the doctor.  Here's literally how that went...
The Ex:  [Gulp.] So, Doctor...what is that lump on my testicle?
Doctor:  Um, son...that is your testicle.
The Ex:  Oh.  Okay.
I laugh every single time I think about that story.  Typical him.  However, there was one time I accused him of crying wolf and he was actually sick.  He had a bad case of Mono and an ear infection and got so dehydrated that he was admitted to the hospital overnight.  He used that one instance as basis for all of his medical woes and assumptions.  The guy was right once and got a big head about it.  Anyway, I feel bad that he's hurting, but why tell me now?  Thanks for randomly messaging me so that I will take pity on you.  Sorry that it didn't work this time.  Get well soon, but I kinda don't really care how soon that is.  Now I sound mean.  This is just the crankiness talking.  Kinda.  I'm sure he will update me later because he probably thinks I'm holding my breath.  I'm not.

Sending grouchy feelings your way,


Call me Scrooge. I dare you.

They started playing Christmas music on the radio today.  I cannot handle this.  Please let me get through Thanksgiving, and then I will be in the spirit.  Seriously, on Black Friday, I will be buying Mimi's new Christmas album.  And probably these others.

Merry Chirstmas II You by Mariah Carey {here}
A Merry Little Christmas by Lady Antebellum 
The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection {here}

Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album
Glee:The Music, The Christmas Album {here}
Non-holiday snuggles, 

Touching your junk is rude, and so is ignoring my texts.

I must get this off of my chest...

My boss, bless his heart, has a terrible habit that makes me want to gauge out my eyeballs and run away screaming.  I hear you asking, "what could be so terrible?"  The man scratches his man-business all the time!  It has to be some major junk issue, because it's out of control.  He does it when he stands in front of my desk to talk to me...when his junk is at eye-level for me.  Inappropriate.  I clearly can't say anything.  What's a girl to do??

On another crotch-related note, Victoria's Secret has a sale on panties.  They are running a 7/$25 special on certain styles.  Check it out here!  Just just the promo code VS7PANTY when you check out.  [I just made myself a little uncomfortable talking about my boss's crotch and my crotch in the same post.  Please excuse me while I go vom.  Kthanks.]

I just checked my tracking number for FedEx for my iPad and it has been delivered!!  I can't wait to get home and play.  This will be my first Mac, other than my iPod, and my first touch screen so it's going to take some getting used to.  I think I can handle it.

Let's chat about men/Golf Guy.  I thought that he'd lost interest after my birthday festivities, and I tried to cope with that.  I'd texted him a few times with no response so I figured I should take a hint.  Last week, I get a random text from him asking if I would like to go with him to Atlanta to the Falcons game that Sunday.  Yes please!  Except I have to lead youth on Sundays.  Boo.  BFFAE and Mr. S invited me to go to a relatively new bar with them on Saturday night and I decided I should make the effort to be sociable.  (Mainly because I thought Golf Guy would be there.)  We exchanged texts and he had decided to stay home since he's partied a little too hard the night before.  We've been exchanging some flirty texts since then, and I really do like him.  However, he goes all "guy" on me.  One day he's texting and flirting and talking up a storm.  The next day...nada.  Can someone explain this to me?  I'd really love to hang out soon, but I refuse to be the pushy girl again.  I seem to always be enthusiastic about the possibility of a new romance, and I always get burned in the end.  Here's hoping I stick to my guns.  (Metaphorical guns.  Carrying around actual guns would be a bad plan.  Unless you live in Texas.  I hear children carry six-shooters in Texas.  Remind me to visit Texas someday.)  Seriously though...any advice?

Is it 5o'clock yet?

Winks and LOLs,


Feathers don't have to come with birds.

Someone needs to take my debit card from me!  It doesn't help that payday magically came today instead of tomorrow.  I was casually browsing blogs and say someone mention the designer melie bianco.  I decided to go to the webpage, and it must be my lucky day.  They are having a sample sale!  I got this beauty for $10 + s&h.
Dear Rachel Zoe, I die.
I could not resist something called a "Feather Clutch."  And I definitely couldn't resist the price tag.

On another note, I must have hit my funny bone on something, because I have a pretty terrible pain shooting down my right forearm.  I really wish it would stop.  It is very unfunny.  

Umm...yea.  Kthanksbye.

I'm sorry I don't speak Russian, but I am learning to speak Weezy.

Maybe I'm slow, but I just learned that I could check the stats on my blog.  I can see where my traffic is coming from and see referring sites.  I learned something rather interesting, too.  There are 8 people somewhere out in Russia and 1 in Denmark that have been checking out my blog.  So...добро пожаловать to you 8 Russians, and welkom to you in Denmark.

I have officially ordered an iPad and I'm and impatiently awaiting it's arrival.  The dang thing is shipping from China, and I don't have that kind of time people.  I want it yesterday.  I'm worse than children on Christmas morning.  I obsessively check the FedEx tracking like 15467686 times a day, just to see if there is an update.  I hope that it comes by Friday because I'm going to Tennessee this weekend and I'd love to take it with me.  

I wen to Target last night in search of some new tunes.  I may be the only person left in the universe that buys actual CDs instead of iTunes.  I'm proud of that.  I bought Sugarland's "Incredible Machine" and Lil Wayne's "I Am Not A Human Being."  Don't tell me I don't have diverse taste in music.  

I ate some Japanese food for lunch today, and now all I want is a nap.  It probably doesn't help that Golf Guy has been texting me and mentioned that he's taking a nap on his lunch break.  [I'll take "Things I'd Like to Be A Part Of" for $200, Alex.  Bad Jeopardy joke.]

I'm worried that I'm going to fall asleep at my desk as soon as I stop typing this...

Caffeine hugs,

PS- Leave me fun comments so that I can read them, amuse myself, and stay awake.


Bacon flavored lollipops and a confession of a shopaholic.

I'm taking a break from the song lyric posts, mostly because I spend more time deciding on a song than I do on writing my posts.  I will bring them back if anyone truly misses them.

There was an event here in town this weekend called Open Studios.  Local artists open up their studios and invite in the public.  It had slipped my mind until I was downtown on Sunday for brunch and saw the signs.  I stopped in a few places and ended up coming home with 2 pieces of art for my apartment.  Allison is my name, and spending is my game.
Flower Girl, Light of Soul Series
Flower Girl, Light of Soul Series (by Guy Stevens)  {here}
I'm in love with this painting.  I bought a print on canvas.  Now I just need to decide where to hang it...
I also bought a beautiful photograph of the Roman Forum from Al Keiser.  It's not listed on his site, but I'm in love with it.  When I was living in Rome, the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II was being renovated so there are cranes in most of my pictures.

I was bad today.  Shame on me.  My email dings at 11am telling me I have a message from Rue La La, announcing today's sale items.  I glance, knowing that I don't need anything, and I see it.  There's a sale on Kate Spade New York.  Well, maybe I will just peek and make sure there is noting fabulous on sale.  Gulp.  There was.  I got these lovely sunglasses.
Kate Spade New York "Lorna" Sunglasses {here}
[Mannequin head not included.  That picture is from Zappo's, but only because the picture from Rue La La is really small.]  To be fair, they were regularly $128 and I only paid $59.  And I got these instead of the Prada ones that I've been wanting. I call that smart shopping.  Shut up.

A vendor popped in our office last week to see if we needed anything, and left us some bribes Halloween treats.  She left 3 bags of DumDum suckers.  I've eaten about 1 million of them.  I just went to the website and found out that you can vote for new flavors you'd like to see.  Check out this hot mess:
There is a bacon flavored sucker option.  Is it wrong that I'm intrigued?  Probably.  Want to know more about Dum Dums?  Check out this hand timeline here.  Whew! I can breathe a sigh of relief now that I know Dum Dum's flavor history.  It's also good to know that some of my favorite flavors have just "gone on vacation" for awhile, instead of disappearing.  Thanks, Spangler Candy.

Those are all of my thoughts for the day.  The End.

Candy kisses,


If I Die Young

"If I die young, bury me in satin,
Lay me down on a bed of roses,
Sink me in the river at dawn,
Send away with the words of a love song."

The Band Perry
The Band Perry {here}

Let me just start this off my saying that I have an unhealthy obsession with this song.  I've listened to it on repeat basically all day.  I just think it's beautiful, and I love the video.  So, enjoy.

Now, moving on to the real reason you're here...to hear about my weekend.  I know you're dying to know how the birthday festivities went, so I'll tell you.  They were pretty awesome.  Friday (Birthday Eve), the BFFAE planned a dinner with friends.  It was a great group, and I felt like the coolest kid in town.  After dinner, we went bar-hopping downtown.  The group quickly dwindled because most everyone there had to work the next day.  (I'm very glad that I don't work on Saturdays anymore).  I spent the rest of the night with the BFFAE, BFFAE's BF Mr. S, and BFFAE's BF's BFF Golf Guy.  BFFAE was trying to set me up with Golf Guy, and I was cool with that.  He seems like a great guy and we'd had some pretty great conversations via text and Facebook before we actually met.  Apparently, I'm more appealing through the interwebs, because he seems disinterested since Friday night.  Clearly, this is the story of my life.  (I saw him Monday night at Name That Tune and he just seemed distant.  His loss, right?)
These good lookin' people are my friends.
Mr. S, Moi, and Golf Guy.  (This was taken with my Blackberry because Mr. S accidentally dropped and broke my digital camera.  Sad day.)
I love my BFFAE.
Saturday night, I went to SK's annual Halloween party.  I was dressed in all of my Gaga glory.  It was a good time.  I got to hang out with some good friends and look silly.  Winning combination.
This is not my Poker Face.

SK is a hot witch.

Gaga with MT (biker chick).  Gotta love self portrait shots.

I got mostly dolla dolla bills for my birthday, so needless to say, the cash is burning a hole in my pocketbook. No seriously, I smell smoke.  I've pretty much decided that I'm going to buy an iPad.  My cousin can get me a slight discount, so I think I'm gonna do it.  My palms itch just thinking about it.

I talked to Little today and I'm getting so excited about her wedding.  October 1, 2011!  I cried when I saw her in her dress.  Tears of joy rolling down my face while I was sitting at my desk, pretending to work.  I couldn't be any happier for her!

Warm snuggle hugs,

PS- What do you think of my new blog look?  Do you like it???
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