So when Mommy Dearest and I were in NYC, we met this extravagant man named George.  See evidence below.
We met him while waiting in line to meet Mariska Hargitay.  He was a very nice man and apparently he has been an extra in a lot of movies and TV shows.  He suffered a heart attack a few years ago and it changed his whole perspective on life.
Fast forward to now.  I was watching the 3rd episode of HBO's new show, Girls.  (The jury is still out on it for me.  Don't love it, don't hate it.)  Guess who I saw?!
It's George!  Small world.

I'm going to go do my happy dance now,



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I'm going to start this post out by telling you that I never have been an avid reader.  I think that I spent so much time doing required reading for school, that I never wanted to do it in my spare time.  (I was 2 credits shy of an English degree in college.)  However, when I do read books, I get really into them and emotionally invested.

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So there has been significant hype about E L James's Fifty Shades trilogy among the blogiverse and the interwebs. I finally succumbed to the temptation and read all three within a week. In my opinion, it lived up to the hype. I know people are giving it (and it's readers) crap about the quality of the literature. Yes, it all started out as a Twilight fan fiction thing. But it evolved. I can see fair traces of Twilight while reading, but only because I was aware they existed. They are very subtle. It turned out to have a very dark thriller plot amidst all of the kinky sex. Let's cut to the chase. The relationship between Ana and Christian was magnetic, volatile, and intense.
For those of you who haven't read, the ending is quite surprising, yet happy. The third book ends with 2 brief chapters on Christian's childhood and then his meeting with Ana and the "chase" that ensues. It's quite a different point of view. The author alludes to more, ending by saying "That's all...for now." Will we get to hear Christian's side of things? I sure hope so!
The whole time I was reading, I had a very clear image of Christian in my head.  Maybe I've been watching too much True Blood lately, but I think Alexander Skarsgard is Christian Grey.  Am I right, or am I right??
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When the story ended, I immediately found myself at Barnes and Noble searching for a suitable replacement. I was drawn to "Bared to You" by Sylvia Day. It's a recent NY Times Bestseller and I figured it would be decent. It was GOOD. It also had a lot of similarities with my familiar Fifty Shades. Too bad the second book in the series doesn't come out until October.  Sticking with my True Blood obsession (and my desire to think about Alexander Skarsgard for as long as possible), I've started reading the Sookie Stackhouse books.

Have you read Fifty Shades?  What did you think?  What else have you been reading?  Spill!

Laters babies,


Bright lights, big city.

So I promised an update on my trip to NYC (for those loyal readers who have stuck around).
It was as hot as forty hells and there was crazy high humidity. I should be used to this because I'm from the south, but I tend to avoid exposure to the elements when it's that hot and humid outside. And it poured down rain daily. Like shoes full of water type rain.
Our first day, we got caught in a monsoon and decided to take refuge in Bloomingdales. We were casually looking around when I saw a sign for a celebrity signing that was happening at noon. It was 11:45 so we hopped in the short line. Mariska Hargitay (from Law and Order SVU) and Michael Cohen (of Michael Stars) were there to promote the Joyful Hearts Foundation that Mariska created for abuse victims. Mommy Dearest and I met Mariska and she was so genuine, warm, and friendly. And smokin' hot.
Isn't she stunning?

Later that night, we went and saw Mamma Mia at the WinterGarden Theater. It was good. I don't love ABBA, but it was very well done. I was just a little shocked about how the classy level of Broadway has declined. They were selling candy in the aisles and people were wearing jorts (aka jean shorts).
Here we go again...

How can I resist ya?

A stroll in the rain.

Outside the WinterGarden.

After the show, we managed to find a delicious Mexican restaurant, 10 minutes before the kitchen closed. We had magnificent margaritas, chips with spicy fig salsa, and pollo quesadilla with chihuahua cheese. Best meal ever. You must eat at Toulache. I can't even describe the yumminess. I'm drooling just thinking about it.
The next day, we did a cruise around the Statue of Liberty and went on to the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. It was nice. I wish we knew which of our relatives came through Ellis Island, but we don't. That would have made it a lot more interesting. (Thus begins my time on ancestry.com for research.)
Foggy morning.

A beacon of hope.

I loved the memorabilia inside the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.

The fog cleared and Ellis Island was beautiful.

We walked around and ended up eating lunch at Gray's Papaya, as had been recommended. Epic win. Mommy Dearest had her's with sauerkraut and mustard, and I had mine with chili and cheese. We also had the papaya juice and the pineapple juice. Mouthwatering. We loved it so much that we went back for seconds. I'm dreaming about the pineapple juice right now.
We were on a mission.

It was too crowded (and hot) inside, so yes, we did eat on a mailbox.

We took a trip to the World Trade Center Memorial and it was beautiful. The line was long and the weather was scorching but it was definitely touching. The space was filled with so much love and reverence.
We escaped a humid rainy afternoon inside the Guggenheim. I love the building and some of the art. I wasn't into the modern art so much. There were a lot of video pieces that were very obscure and just not my taste. As an Art History major in college, my teaching focused a lot on Italian Renaissance artwork and also French artists. Those are more of my taste.
Lovely architecture.  Frank Lloyd Wright does good work.

We did a lot of walking down Fifth Avenue. We started one morning at the Brooklyn Bridge and then made our way 50 blocks (by foot!) back to the Waldorf where we were staying. Sore feet, but we say a lot of cool things. We shopped several street fairs and came back with some jewelry and artwork. I enjoyed soaking in the local flavor.
The Brooklyn Bridge always makes me think of Sex and the City, when Steve and Miranda move out of Manhattan.  Anyone else?

Unnecessary signage.

I need this lamp in my life.


Clever street meat vendor.

I loved shopping around with all of the local street fairs.


We did the NBC Studio Tour at 30 Rockefeller and it was a lot of fun.
We ate magical gelato at Eataly. Salted caramel and mocha...I die. Mommy Dearest had hazelnut with pistachio. Not bad!

We had a yummy brunch at The Shop at Andaz (also recommended to us) and it was yummy. We went actions to the Public Library but it was closed for the holiday. Sad face.
Brunch of champions.

On a late night stroll, we got to see the Empire State Building lit up in the red, white, and blue. It was lovely and patriotic on Memorial Day weekend.
Let freedom ring.

Did I miss anything fabulous that was worth seeing? Any recommendations for next time? Did anything I did and love it too? Let me hear from you.

Love and cuddles,
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