My Peeps

(Not the marshmallow kind.)

If you're like me, you read about someone and you wonder what they're like, what they look like, how awesome/un-awesome they are, etc.  Here are some people (and kitties) that are near and dear to my heart, and I will talk about them from time to time.  You'll love them as much as I do, hopefully!

Princess Fiona

These are pictures of Princess Fiona on the day she was adopted.  She was a birthday/Christmas gift from my BFFAE.  When we got her, she was named Juanita.  Does she look like a Juanita to you?!  I had originally wanted to name her Penelope (I don't know why), but it didn't suit her.  Thus, she is named after Princess Fiona from the movie "Shrek."  Don't judge.  In these pictures, she is itty bitty...but not for long.

This is the baby cat in her Christmas vest.  She's not really into vests. 

Here she is with her homeboy, Jamal (the mouse).  They've been BFFs since the beginning.  Clearly, this is Fiona now.  She's a Maine Coon, which means that she is going to be a giant cat.  

Seriously, she has my heart.

The BFFAE (Best Friend Forever And Ever) and I have known each other since 6th grade.  This picture of us was taken in San Francisco (obvi) right after we graduated High School.  We flew out to California ALONE for a week.  It was fantastic.

I consider my BFFAE to be my sister.  We've been through all kinds of good and bad times together and I don't know where I'd be without her.  Plus, we always end up in the most bizarre situations.  Love her.

That's how we roll, Carolina Cup style.

This is my Little.  I love her to pieces and I don't know how I would have made it through college without her.  Funny story:  When my sorority assigned her as my Little, I was not a happy camper.  We'd never met before and I was told that I was assigned her because we had common interests.  I asked what the common interest were...Cheezits.  I'm for real, people.  As it turns out, that's one of the best things you can base a friendship on because she is truly one of my best friends.  (We do have more things in common than just Cheezits, in case you were wondering.)
My senior year of college, I decided to go study abroad in Rome, Italy for my fall semester.  Little decided to go spring semester.  It was sad being apart, but it was magical to be able to share our experiences and know that she was living in the city that is so close to my heart.  Cue sappy music.

Mommy Dearest
I'm an only child, so I spend a decent amount of time with my parents/family.  Mommy Dearest and I both LOVE to travel, so we take lots of trips together.  Daddy could never go on another vacation again and be completely satisfied with life.

Mommy Dearest and I tend to either be the best of friends or enemies.  I think that stems from the fact that we both have intense stubborn streaks (I clearly get it from her) and we are both sensitive.  We tend to push each others' buttons, but we also build each other up.  I'm a Mommy's Girl.

My Daddy is a goofy man.  He reminds me of Mr. Belding from "Saved by the Bell."  He's all about cars, cars, and more cars.  Don't ask him to watch football or talk politics, because he will stare blankly at you.  Ask him about an engine modification, and you better cancel your plans for the rest of the day.

I think I look like Daddy.  Everyone tells me I look just like Mommy Dearest, but I think that's just because we are roughly the same height and we tend to have a similar haircut and we are both blondes.  You be the judge.

This is my brother...I mean, Daddy's car.  This is the Morris Minor Traveller Woody, a little British gem and a prized member of the family.  When you think Daddy, think this car.  

The Ex
'Nuff said.

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