S, as in Nancy.

I don't like stupid people.  I was on dumbass overload yesterday.  Dumbassness everywhere.  I had to call a freight provider about an invoicing error.  On my invoice it said, "Call 1-888-HELPME (or something like that) and ask for Heath," so I did.  Here's how that went down:
Dumbass: May I help you?
Moi:  Yes, may I speak with Heath?
Dumbass:  Huh?  Who?
Moi:  Um...Heath, please.  The note on my invoice says to call Heath with questions.
Dumbass:  I don't know who that is.  Do you have a quote number to reference?
Moi:  I sure do.  It's FNL2938747220.
Dumbass:  S, as in Nancy?
Moi:  Uhhh...F, as in Frank...
How about S, as in no stupid, Nancy starts with an N, so maybe you should go back to school to learn how to spell and stop ruining my morning with your dumbassness.  Did that just happen?  Yes, Snancy, it just did.

Snancy says she will talk to you later,

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