Bacon flavored lollipops and a confession of a shopaholic.

I'm taking a break from the song lyric posts, mostly because I spend more time deciding on a song than I do on writing my posts.  I will bring them back if anyone truly misses them.

There was an event here in town this weekend called Open Studios.  Local artists open up their studios and invite in the public.  It had slipped my mind until I was downtown on Sunday for brunch and saw the signs.  I stopped in a few places and ended up coming home with 2 pieces of art for my apartment.  Allison is my name, and spending is my game.
Flower Girl, Light of Soul Series
Flower Girl, Light of Soul Series (by Guy Stevens)  {here}
I'm in love with this painting.  I bought a print on canvas.  Now I just need to decide where to hang it...
I also bought a beautiful photograph of the Roman Forum from Al Keiser.  It's not listed on his site, but I'm in love with it.  When I was living in Rome, the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II was being renovated so there are cranes in most of my pictures.

I was bad today.  Shame on me.  My email dings at 11am telling me I have a message from Rue La La, announcing today's sale items.  I glance, knowing that I don't need anything, and I see it.  There's a sale on Kate Spade New York.  Well, maybe I will just peek and make sure there is noting fabulous on sale.  Gulp.  There was.  I got these lovely sunglasses.
Kate Spade New York "Lorna" Sunglasses {here}
[Mannequin head not included.  That picture is from Zappo's, but only because the picture from Rue La La is really small.]  To be fair, they were regularly $128 and I only paid $59.  And I got these instead of the Prada ones that I've been wanting. I call that smart shopping.  Shut up.

A vendor popped in our office last week to see if we needed anything, and left us some bribes Halloween treats.  She left 3 bags of DumDum suckers.  I've eaten about 1 million of them.  I just went to the website and found out that you can vote for new flavors you'd like to see.  Check out this hot mess:
There is a bacon flavored sucker option.  Is it wrong that I'm intrigued?  Probably.  Want to know more about Dum Dums?  Check out this hand timeline here.  Whew! I can breathe a sigh of relief now that I know Dum Dum's flavor history.  It's also good to know that some of my favorite flavors have just "gone on vacation" for awhile, instead of disappearing.  Thanks, Spangler Candy.

Those are all of my thoughts for the day.  The End.

Candy kisses,

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