Furry underwear and homemade streamers always make the day better.

I survived the weekend in Gatlinburg and I decided that it is truly the Myrtle Beach of Tennessee.  [I love the Dirty Myrtle, so check yourself before you wreck yourself on that one.]  Here's my recap:
Mommy Dearest and I went to Gatlinburg for the weekend to attend The Norton Show (a wholesale jewelry and accessories expo) for my business, Copper Alley.  Needless to say, we saw some pretty interesting things.
A one-eyed, one-horn,  flying purple people eater.  A purple fur bikini, for all those classy ladies out there.
And a fur jock strap for the gents.  Don't worry guys, they didn't forget about you.
And don't worry.  It has a tail.  'Coon skin hats are so last year.  The future is clearly in 'coon skin junk holders.
I managed to resist the fur, but I did walk away with some nice jewels.  I'll post pictures later when I get the chance to create some things with my new supplies.  Mommy Dearest and I also decided to drive/walk around town and soak in the local culture.
It's Christmas 24/7 in Gatlinburg.
[Silence] Dubya Tee Eff. Someone call Hoarders.  This storefront is ridic.
Winning combination.  Why didn't I think of that?
Fall foliage.
Good ole Rocky Top.

Today is a very important day, and you should all mark it on your calendars so that you remember next year.  Today is Her Highness, Princess Fiona's 1st birthday.  We will obviously be celebrating tonight so I will have pictures of that tomorrow.  However, here she is inside her favorite shopping bag.
Can I help you?
And here is the scene I came home to at lunch today:
Buttface had unrolled and entire roll of paper towels and opened the toaster oven.  She clearly didn't trust me to decorate for her party, so she decided to get to work on the homemade streamers herself.  And attempt to bake a cake in the toaster oven.  Apparently, she opened the oven and then remembered that she doesn't know how to bake cakes.  Silly Fiona.

'Coon skin covered hearts,

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