I'm a little weepy.

For those of you new readers who may not know, I have several jobs.  One of those jobs is as the Youth Director at my church.  We have a very small group with about 7 regulars.  Quality not quantity, people.  The kids have adopted Stop Hunger Now (an organization that provides hunger relief aid to more than 120 countries worldwide) as their mission for the year.  I recently asked them to brainstorm some fundraising ideas and they unanimously decided that they wanted to do a yard sale.  I put a lot of time and effort into planning and collecting and this past Saturday was the big day.  The kids had worked hard to organize and price everything and I knew the hard work would pay off.  
I have one boy in 10th grade who has been in this church his whole life. He has recently started choosing social activities over the youth group and I worried I was losing him. He was there to help with the yard sale on Saturday, and was a tremendous help. About halfway through the day, I went up to him with a stack of money and asked him to guess how much money we had raised so far. (I wanted to let them know what a great job they were doing.) He estimated we had about $300 so far. With a smile on my face, I told him we had $680. Without skipping a beat, this 16-year-old boy that I had watched grow up, pulled a $20 out of his wallet and said, "Make it $700.". My eyes filled with tears as I realized that my kids understood the magnitude of what we were doing.  It only takes $0.25 to feed 6 people for an entire day.
All in all, we raised $941.78, which will feed 22,602 people.  I am so proud and humbled by those kids.

Thanks for letting me brag.  Want to help in the cause?  You can donate here.

Weepy hugs,


Michelle P said...

Awesome! Good job.

Impulsive Addict said...

What a great post! I've been reading some depressing posts and this is just what I needed. That is one very special 16 year old boy.


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