I am unbelievably happy that today is Friday.

I've had a wave of inspiration (and motivation) with my jewelry business.  Hopefully I will get the chance to craft some things this weekend.  And sleep.  Lord knows I'd love to sleep.  Can it be nap time right now?

Here's today's jewelry collection:
1.  Watch: Michael Kors
2.  Owl necklace: I made this cute little guy for my jewelry line, Copper Alley.
3.  Ring: barse, from Rue La La
I've also developed an addiction to Pinterest.  It's pretty severe.  And it's probably contagious, too.  And etsy.  I'm awful.  This is why my savings account is so sad.  But my jewelry and craft collection is ever-growing!

Love life update: I went on a blind date last week and it was fun.  He's dropped off the face of the earth since then.  Another one bites the dust...

Love and Rockets,

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