Sweet and Crafty

I got the urge to do some crafting yesterday Monday, so I made my way to Michael's with a vague vision of what I wanted to make and not the faintest idea of supplies I would need.  Good thing crafting is like second nature to me.  I wanted to make something where I could hang my ever-growing collection of earrings, but I didn't like anything I'd seen online.

I did like the idea of this piece:
I bought a piece of art board and a white picture frame and figured that was a good place to start.  When I got home, I marked off the spacing on the board and drilled some holes.  I spent maybe 15 minutes outside in the garage using the drill press.  As I was drilling, I noticed that my feet itched.  In that short span of time, I got 7 mosquito bites on my ankles/feet.  Miserable!  I'm obviously too sweet for my own good.  Shut up.  Anyway, the project is still in the works but I will try to post a picture when it's finished.  

Love and Rockets,

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