Did the doctor just hit on me?

It's Friday, Friday...  Sorry, I was having a Rebecca Black moment.

That being said, I don't really have any stories of my own to tell today, so I'm going to share one that happened to Daddy yesterday.

Daddy had a routine dermatologist appointment yesterday.  My whole family goes to see Dr. W.  She is very petite and very feisty.  She never holds back when it comes to telling what she thinks.  Dr. W also always carries around a little tape recorder and dictates her charts. [Insert back story: A few years ago, Daddy ruptured his Achilles tendon and had to have surgery to repair it.  That left a pretty large and crooked scar on the back of his leg.  So now you know.]  As part of the routine exam, Dr. W had Daddy strip down to his skivvies and lay face down on the table so that she could check for moles and whatever else dermatologists look for.  She's talking into her recorder and dictating what she sees.  She pauses and mutters, "Nice S."

(You need to read that last line out loud, and remember that Daddy is face down on the table in his skivvies.)

Get it?  She was saying he had a nice S-shaped scar but it certainly sounded like she said he had a nice ass.  I guess that story isn't quite as funny when I type it out like that.  Whatever.  I think it's funny and that's what matters.

Have a great weekend!

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