Pretty Things.

This may be a lame idea, but humor me.

I read a ton of blogs and I especially love the ones with pictures.  Yesterday, I read a post by Pink Lou Lou and noticed that she had on some gorgeous earrings.  Being the jewelry freak that I am, I asked her where she got them.  That made me think.  I'm super nosey and always want to know where people got the fantastic clothes/shoes/jewelry/purse/accessory that they are rocking.

I've decided to start a series of what jewelry I'm wearing.  I know you're all dying to know the bling of the day.  Here's today:
1.  Earrings: I made them with crystals I bought at AC Moore.
2.  Watch: Michael Kors, purchased on Amazon.
3.  Monogrammed bracelet: Heartstrings, my Aunt sells all of their products. (I also have the matching necklace.)
4.  Ring: Rainbow quartz set in sterling silver, gift from Mommy Dearest.
Is this the lamest idea ever?  Let me know what you think.

Sparkle hearts,

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