Everybody poops.

My morning at the office started out on a painfully awkward note.
My coworker came into the office a little before 9am.  She stood in the lobby and wrinkled up her nose.  "It smells bad in here.  Does anyone else smell that??  It's terrible!"  I walked through the lobby on my way to the kitchen, and sure enough, it stunk.  About that time, my boss emerged from the restroom.  He looked at me, very embarrassed, and sighed.  OMG.  I was about as uncomfortable as I was after seeing Black Swan.  And I wasn't even the one that had said something.

Pooping in the office is awk.  Just throwing that out there.

On a more serious note, today marks the one month anniversary of Granddaddy's death.  I miss him everyday.  Every.  Single.  Day.

Love and Rockets,


Jenni said...

Ahhhahahaha. This made me laugh and brought back terrible memories of one of my childhood phobias: pooping in public restrooms. I'm still mildly horrified by it.

Thanks for brightening my day. Ha.

And sorry about your grandaddy, girl. :(

Allison said...

I have a close friend that is overly paranoid about how long she spends in public restrooms because she's afraid someone with think she is pooping. Glad I could make someone smile1

Thanks for the condolences. This blog is really the only place where I feel comfortable talking about his death. I have the tendency to break down and cry when I try to talk about it, so writing has been my best outlet.

Glad to hear Edd came through his surgery well!

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