My hygiene products are trying to murder me.

My morning started out on a not-so-awesome note.  Stupid shower.

Let me tell you a little bit about the shower set-up.  I know everyone knows what a shower looks like, so don't get me wrong.  My shower has a built-in shelf up in the right corner of the shower (if you're facing the faucet).  That's where the various bottles of shampoo live.  There is also a wire caddy thing hanging from the shower head.  That's where the razors and other stuff live.  Well, this wire caddy thing has a removable shelf, which I removed recently because it kept falling down.  I stuck it up on the shelf with the shampoo.  This morning, as I was groggily soaping up, it happened.  Shampoo bottles and the removed wire shelf leaped off the top shelf and land square on the top of my foot.  My good foot.  It's not so good anymore.  I've got a big bruise on my foot and I just discovered one on my knee.  Clearly, I am a hot mess.

Who knew showering could be so dangerous?!

Has anyone else ever been injured while minding their own business?

Sad faces,

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