Well, that would have been embarrassing...

Let's take just a moment to talk about how poorly I type.  I'm quick, but not so efficient sometimes.  Most of my typos are things that Spell Check doesn't catch, as they are real words, just not what I meant.

For instance, I was just sending an email for my boss and I was signing it Kind regards.  What did I accidentally type?  Kind retards.  Wayyyyyyy wrong.  I caught it before I hit send.  Close call!  I've also mistyped the phrase get it as get tit.  I've sent that before.  Not cool, self.  I think my most frequent mishap is the word thanks.  99% of the time it comes out THanks.  As if I'm signing my emails like I'm Tom Hanks.

Amazeballs.  via {here}

In other news, today happens to be a fellow blogger's birthday.  Everyone head on over to black,white & everything else and wish Ashley a very happy 23rd birthday!  Can I come to your tea party?  Ashley wrote a lovely post about Copper Alley awhile ago, and I was thrilled.

Kind retards regards,

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