Some people are cray cray.

I am on dumbass overload today.  I can't handle another stupid person.  Yes, I am cranky, but I am justified in feeling this way.  I started off my day by receiving a rude email.  Now I'm dealing with a potential client who changes her mind every two seconds.  Is it 5 o'clock yet?

Immediately after work, I'm heading to the gas station to fuel up, and then I'm heading to a dinner meeting.  I'm an advisor for my sorority and we are having a meeting at the Cracker Barrel tonight.  We are a classy group of ladies.  I hope there will be a lot of chewing and not a lot of talking.  I'm not really in the mood to talk.  But speaking of my sorority... Today is Kappa Alpha Theta's Founders Day!  I'm so happy to have my sisters as a part of my life!

Ok, you can stop gagging...the sappy moment is over now.

I almost forgot to tell you about yesterday!  Whew, that was a close one!  We have a older man that comes about every six weeks to wash our windows at the office.  He used to be homeless but he started his own window washing business and now makes a little living for himself.  He didn't strike it rich or anything, but he makes do.  He came in to my office to get the check I had for him and struck up a conversation with me.  I politely responded, while trying to focus on my work.  That didn't work.  He started telling me about his passion for astronomy and asked if he could show me some pictures.  Before I had a chance to respond, he whipped out his cell phone.  He started showing me pictures on his phone that he "took."  (By that, I mean he says he shot them but he really just took a picture of a picture in a book.)  He starts telling me that he took these pictures of the planets and constellations and that he'd seen God in the constellation Orion.  I'm not one to judge, and I believe that God presents Himself in different ways to different people, so I smiled and nodded.  He ran out to his car and brought me pictures that he claimed he taken and sent to NASA.  (Again, photos of photos in a book.)  He told me how he'd prayed to God to reveal Himself and pointed to the picture to show me where he saw God's face.  This whole discussion lasted for about half an hour.  I was alone in the office with Mr. Window Washer looking for faces in space.  Very interesting...

A close-up of the constellation Orion.  Apparently I'm supposed to see a dove and the face of God.
There's supposedly a rabbit and a little girl here.  He said something about the entrance to Heaven has something to do with children.  Clearly, I thought it was a little creepy.
Mr. Window Washer is a little cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, if you know what I mean.

*I wrote this post yesterday and forgot to hit publish.  Oops.

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