Inappropriate laughter

Today is one of those days.  It's yucky and rainy and nothing is going right.  I was looking through my Blackberry at my pictures and I found some that made me giggle.  I decided that I should share these with you, my lovely followers.  Enjoy!

I babysit this sweet little girl and I tried to take a picture of her smiling.  This is what I got.  Even better.
Do I stop?  Or do I go?
Best pizza delivery van ever.  TMNT for life.
I pass this church on my way to my parents' house.  I don't even know what to say.
Don't get greedy, now.
"FLU SHOTS HERE" sign fail.  
I was reading through old work orders for a client and came across this gem.  That's an "L," not a "C."  (Give it a second...)
I found this Nutcracker head when I used to work at The Children's Museum.
Variations of this ad were all over the Tube stations in London.  www.loveyourvagina.com  Go on, I dare you.
This is a toy vending machine thing at the movie theater.  Couldn't they have come up with a better name?
How to write in Braille:
Step 6: Laugh at Steo 5.
Step7: Go to Hell.  You're a cruel person for laughing.
Hearts and sparkles,

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