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"Can we argue at a later date when it's convenient for both of us?"

Lullaby Appetite, Alexa Wilkinson
Lullaby Appetite by Alexa Wilkinson {here}

I love this line from Alexa Wilkinson's song.  It completely describes how I feel some days.  I just don't feel like putting in the effort to out-argue you today.  You know who you are.  

My workday started off pretty well today.  Yesterday, I bought my pregnant coworker a Sprite and some M&Ms (shhhh!) as a pick-me-up.  This morning she called me and said she was going to bring me a mocha to repay me.  Score!  Another highlight from my day has been exchanging emails with Pam (one of our freight providers).  Poor thing has poison oak on the inside of her eyelids.  I don't know how she is working!  I'd be on a bus to Crazyville, slobbering on the windows, in a straight-jacket.  For reals.  She makes me feel better a bout my haphazard life.  A close friend/coworker, S.E.Dubs, suggested that I call my blog "Accident Prone."  Not a bad idea, but I didn't want to jinx myself.  [Sidenote: I prefer the word "dubs" to saying "W."  Get over it.]

I have a bit of dilemma.  I've been invited to a wedding this weekend.  The bride and I went to college together and were in the same sorority.  We are friends, but not extremely close.  The wedding is in Cola Town (about 2ish hours from where I live), and I'd have to drive by myself.  No biggie, until you remember that I have a broken right foot and driving that far isn't exactly the safest easiest thing on the planet.  I'd also have to rock Das Boot with a cocktail dress and have uneven legs all night because I'd either have to wear flats that are too short or heels that are too tall (or rock the Reebok Easy Tones...).  Not to be vain, but I don't want to look too unfortunate in pictures.  The wedding is on Saturday night.  I'd have to drive back late at night because I have to teach Sunday School at 9:45am.  Do I go even though my heart just isn't in it?  Current verdict: stay home.

It's clearly the birthing time of year, because I have another baby shower to go to this Sunday.  It's for the aforementioned pregnant coworker (KL).  S.E.Dubs and I are going in on a plethora of gifts together, and I decided to make a picture for the nursery, like I did for C(P)W.  KL and her hubby decided to keep the baby's gender a surprise, so I don't have a name for the picture.  S.E.Dubs and I decided to go with the monkey theme, so take a look:
Presh, right?!

I'm pretty proud of it, not gonna lie.  Now, all I have left to do this week is: fill all of my outstanding jewelry orders, plan a Sunday School lesson, plan a devotion and games for Sunday night for the Youth, try to make my apartment livable again so that I can move back in soon, teach Princess Fiona that it's not nice to open doors and run away, teach Princess Fiona that it's not nice to pull the vent cover out of the kitchen floor, find a Lady Gaga wig, make a wish-list for my birthday, and maybe do some laundry.  Bleh.

Because I know you want to see the furbaby, here is a recent picture of Princess Fiona.  I think she looks like a sleeping lion.

And here is a stamp that I bought last night at Michael's that I'm a little obsessed with:
I bought some light pink blank note cards and some dark pink ink and I am going to make my own stationery.    I think that I might do the flames in metallic gold, because who doesn't love metallics?!

Later gators,

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