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"My birthday's coming, and if I had one wish, yeah, it'd be you."

The Fame Album
"The Fame" by Lady Gaga {here}
Why Lady Gaga?  Well, Little Monsters, I have a surprise for you.  Your's Truly will be donning some sequins, glitter, and glam for Halloween...dressed as Lady Gaga.  I finally decided that Gaga was a much better decision (and more fun) than Snooki.  Want a sneak peek???

Gaga glasses.
Pardon the quality of the picture...I took it with my cell phone of myself in the mirror.  If that's not classy, I don't know what is.  I bought the glasses (Official Licensed Gaga Wear) from Party City, but they weren't glam enough for me.  So, I marched (limped) on over to A.C. Moore and bought some rhinestones to jazz things up. I spent some quality time with my glue gun last night...and voilà!

I also made a quick stop in Ross Dress For Less and found a perfect sequin dress.  I'm pretty excited about the costume.  Stay tuned for the big reveal.

I went to the doctor today for some follow-up x-rays on my foot.  In case you missed that, I broke my foot on August 30.  Here's the hotness:

Thankfully, the doctor gave me a good report.  Everything seems to be healing as it should, albeit slowly.  I've spent 5 weeks in a boot thus far, and I have 3 more to go.  After the boot, I have to wear a graphite insert in a sneaker for added support.  I go back in 6 weeks for more x-rays, so keep your fingers crossed!  It looks like I will be rocking the Reebok EasyTones for quite awhile.  The only downside?  I bought these shoes after I broke my right foot, because I needed a shoe that was the same height as my thicker-soled boot.  These are perfect, plus it gives my leg(s) a workout!  However, I have been wearing only the left shoe for 5 weeks now, as the right shoe is nestled clean in a bed of crisp tissue paper in the shoe box.  I think I am going to look a little silly with one clean shoe and one dirty shoe.  Let's not even think about the fact that my left leg is nice and toned, whereas my right calf muscles have taken a month-long vacation.  I'm disproportionate at the moment, and probably will be for some time.  Such is life.

(And in case you didn't catch the hint in today's song lyrics/quote, my birthday is this month!) *insert party dance here*

Love and Rockets, 

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