Humpty Hump

I'm dogsitting for a week for my friend RG again. (For a refresher on the last time I did this, read here.)  This time, I have all 4 dogs- Bob, Parker, Maddie, and Toot. The 3 little ones were wild when I got there last night. I'd been babysitting so I got in pretty late and just wanted to go straight to bed. Parker was wearing a fresh diaper (yes, he wears diapers...read here) and Maddie and Toot had just been outside so we were set to go to bed. I crawled in and expected the 3 little ones to follow. They didn't. I started to hear strange dog noises so I walked back into the living room and flipped on the light. I gasped in horror. Toot was humping Maddie (both girls) and Parker (boy) was watching and chewing on a squeaky toy. Ahhhhhhh! Humping and squeaking!!! I couldn't handle it. RG had warned me that they'd been in heat but assured me it was over. Clearly not. I yelled at them to stop having the lesbian puppy sex but they were not deterred. They continued humping noisily for an hour. I can't make this stuff up. I have a cat and she was fixed when she was 2 weeks old so I have no idea how to deal with animals humping. Tips? Therapy ideas? I need to go wash my brain with bleach now.

Maddie has a serious underbite.
That is just wrong.

No humping allowed, 


Mrs. Robinson said...

This. Is. Hilarious. Maybe only because I have a horny little Chihuahua of my own. His name is Zombie, but he loves boy dogs. He doesn't hump though. He likes to lick on boy dogs & their not so private parts. He also likes to hump any male visitors that come to our house. Yeesh.

Good luck!

& btw...I'm having my very first link-up party today and I'd love to have you!

Cori H. said...

Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard at this! :)

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