Doggy Daycare

I'm just gonna come out and say it.  I'm a cat person.
But not this kind of cat person.  Because that's weird. {here}
It's not that I don't like dogs.  I just have never been fond of jumpy-licky dogs.  Cats are chill and do their own thing.  A friend of mine went out of town this week and asked me to look after 3 of her 4 dogs.  They are all small dogs and they live inside her townhouse.  That sounds totally doable.  Y'all, one of the dogs wears diapers.  Like for real Pampers.  That would have been a handy detail to know.  And one of the dogs hates me.  She wants to eat my face off.  Here are the culprits.
My name is Toot.  I love to snuggle.

My name is Parker and I wear diapers because I can't control my pee.  I like to sleep under the covers because I get cold.

My name is Maddie and I will murder you.  And pee all over the carpet, right next to the potty pad., just to piss you off.
These tiny dogs are neurotic.  They make me appreciate this little nugget of mine.
Oh, hi.

After work today, the parents and I are headed to Alabama to see my Grandmother (and obvi the rest of the family) for Mother's Day.  This will be the first time we've been down there since Granddaddy died.  Thinking about it makes my heart hurt.  

That's all I have for now.  But really, how do you top dogs in diapers?  That's pretty much as exciting as it gets around here.

Go hug your mom/grandmother/aunt/etc.


PS- Does anyone know a good Blogger app for the iPhone?  Does such a thing exist?

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