I know about popular. And with an assist from me, to be who you'll be, instead of dreary who you were.

Five bucks if you know where that title came from.

I'm always interested to see how people stumble upon my little blog.  Most of my readers are my dear, sweet friends who read because they feel sorry for me.  Confession:  I'm a teeny bit obsessed with the stats tab in Blogger.  Through stats, I've learned a lot about my readers.

Search Keywords that brought readers to my blog:

  • i used to be a little girl  [As did I.  Unless your are now a grown man...that just makes this a little--shall we say--awkward.]
  • the situation to the customer  [Every time I hear "The Situation," I can't help but think of the Jersey Shore.  That is some quality television.]
  • "my rent" late  [Hate it when that happens.]
  • and a late night session for  [For what???? I'm dying to know!  I hate cliffhangers.]
  • blonde never sneeze  [Huh?  I don't understand.]
  • for me is generally  [Again...I don't understand.]
  • homemade streamers  [Courtesy of Princess Fiona.  She is the best decorator I know.]
  • i'm getting divorced laurie  [Right...]
  • mexican boots  [I like multi-cultural shoes.]
  • stop diagnosing yourself  [Preach it sista.]
I also want to say hi to all of my readers in Denmark, Jamaica, Germany, UK, Russia, Australia, Hungary, Ireland, and Portugal.  Y'all obviously recognize greatness when you see it.  Consider yourselves lucky.

Okay, I think I'm done tooting my own horn.  For now.


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Brooke said...

It's from Wicked. I take cash or check.

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