They call me Mello Yello.

The past two weeks have been rough.  Work has been insane, and I feel like I've barely had a chance to breathe.  The migraines haven't really subsided.  Remember back on February 17 when I said I was migraine free?  Lie.  Shortly after I wrote the post, I got one.  For those of you keeping count, this is day 36.  Mother F.  They don't always last all day everyday, but that doesn't make them any better.

Yesterday was the day that I reached my boiling point.  I had a vent session with a co-worker and felt a little better.  I came back from to the office after being out with a client and I found this on my desk:
"A little something [Mello Yello] to help you deal with the [Airheads] in the world."  I love her.
My church recently started a Bible Study class on Thursday nights.  I attend a small church, so this is pretty exciting for me.  It's a class for adults (and I am clearly the youngest by almost a decade).  We are doing and in-depth study of Francis Chan's book Crazy Love.  I highly recommend this book.  I don't agree with everything Chan says, but he makes some really strong points.

I am awkward.  We know this about me.  I actually said the word "golly" the other day, as in "Oh, golly!"  I guess that's better than when I say "shit."  Or not.  

Head on over to my jewelry blog, Copper Alley, and see the necklace I'm rocking today.  I'm bragging.  You'll have to get over it.

Happy Friday!

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