Welcome to Vegas.

Dammit, Janet. I got an email from Bank of America this afternoon that there was suspicious activity on my debit card. I figured that it was just the fact that I'd used my card at the hotel here in Las Vegas and the purchase had been flagged because it was outside of my normal purchasing area. Not. Some asshole hacked my debit card number and had made some test charges. I definitely never charged anything to Club Quarters. I checked the entry in my online banking and called the telephone number listed for the vendor and something very unexpected happened. Thenumber was for the Pennsylvania State Police. I told them the story and informed them that some company was stealing my information and they were listed as the contact. Luckily, Club Quarters had only charged $0.80 ton my card as a test charge and my bank caught it before they stole all of my money. However, I now have no access to my bank account until I get a new card next week.

Nothing like being broke in Sin City.


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