Condiments are the key to living large.

Here is a conversation that I overheard in the checkout line at the grocery on Friday.  Enjoy!

Cashier:  You know, they always say that the grass is greener on the other side.  Greener than what?? [Smiling, pleased with his philosophical observation]
Customer: I know, man!  You know that them people on that other grass are probably eating the same crud we eat everyday.  It just might be a different color.
Cashier: Yea, but I bet they get honey mustard on theirs. 
Me: [dumbfounded stare]

I was wearing my giant "penny" necklace that day.  The cashier asked me if it was a real penny.  Now, we all know, dumb questions deserve dumb answers.  So...I told him yes.  He asked how I got it so big.  I told him I squeezed it really hard for a really long time.  He totally believed me.  Somewhere, that man is squeezing pennies, betting his buddies that he can make them grow.  (I'm a jerk, but I'm ok with that.)

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Better late than never,

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Laurie said...

That conversation made me laugh out loud. I gotta get one of them there big pennys! HA HA HA

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