Do they even make LA Gear anymore?

I have arrived in Las Vegas!
I had a quick 20 minute flight to Charlotte, NC and then o had about an hour and a half to kill until my connecting flight left. I decided to grab some food at Salsarita's Express. Bad call. It was crazy expensive and the food was awful. Luckily, there was a gelato place right by my gate, so I was able to end on a yummy note. When I looked at my seat assignment on my ticket, I cringed. I was in a middle seat on a full flight. Damn. I was sandwiched between 2 large men, and neither one of them smelled particularly fresh/pleasant. Double damn. Then the pilot announced that we'd be flying against headwinds so our flight would be about 40 minutes longer. Triple damn. Sheesh...I hope I have better luck once I get to Vegas, or I'm going to be losing all my money in the slots. Just kidding. Kinda.
The large man on my right kept to himself (except for the significant portion of him rear-end that occupied my seat). I can't say the same for the man on my left. First of all, let me paint you a picture: This man was wearing a white LA Gear sweatshirt, white cargo pants, and some serious gold jewelry. When the flight attendant came by with the beverage cart, he asked for tomato juice. But he pronounced "tomato" like toe-maa-toe, like a jackass. He had a nasally Northern accent, so that made it even worse. And the smell of the tomato juice just added to his unpleasant aromas. To top that all off, he kept complaining that there was no in-flight movie. There weren't even screens. I politely nodded and inserted my iPod headphones for the next 5 hours.
It's been a long day and I am cranky. Can you tell? The 3 hour time difference isn't helping much right now, either. And I'm hungry.

Goodnight lovers.

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