Blasts from the Past

I came across another stack of pictures last night.  Let's relive the glory days, shall we?

This is proof that I was never serious as a child.  Or as an adult, for that matter.

And yes, Mommy Dearest and I had matching dresses.  My aunt made them for us.  There were several more.

Toddlers and Tiaras: 1987.  Mommy Dearest entered me in and 18 and under beauty pageant and I won every category.  And then I ate my crown.

Holy fanny pack Batman!

The first day of 3rd grade, and I'm definitely wearing a plaid jumpsuit.  Hand-me-downs are awesome.

I was a pretty pretty princess.
Sorry that I don't have more to say right now.  I'm working on planning my Halloween costume.  If I can pull it off and find all of the parts and pieces, it will be amazeballs.  Keep your fingers crossed.


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