Today is a milestone.

Mark your calendars because today is an important day.  This here blog turns 1!

I know I've neglected it lately, and I am going to work on being better.  Thanks to the handful of you that still read this.  Spread the word.  I'm more likely to be diligent about writing if I know people are really ready.  Maybe one day I will make it to 10 followers?!  Well, that means I only need one more.  I'll aim for 20.  Gotta have high hopes.

In other news, I need to be more observant about my pants.  Last week, I went to the mall after work.  I was wearing stretchy capri-like pants (no buttons or zippers).  I tried on some tops and didn't buy anything.  Later that night when I was at home, I used the restroom and realized something really embarrassing.  I'd had my pants on backwards.  All day.  And I didn't even notice.  Yikes.  I also realized last night that the dress pants I'd worn all day had a hole in the back seam.  Really?!  Who does stuff like that?  Maybe that means I need to go pants shopping.  I think I'd rather have a root canal and a pap smear done.  At the same time.  I don't like pants.  And it's not because I'm a prissy girl or anything.  Pants just fit awkwardly, so I prefer dresses.  Or skirts.  The only pants I really like are sweatpants and yoga pants.  And those aren't all that professional.  Unless you're a yoga instructor, which I am not.  Sorry for those of you who just wasted 2 minutes of your life reading about my pants drama.

Happy 1st birthday, blog! {Technically this is a picture of Princess Fiona on her 1st birthday, but it cracks me up so I thought I'd share it again.  You're welcome.}

Exes and Ohs,

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