I just received an update about The Preacher.

Please let me brag on the wonderful church I am so blessed to serve! Since our coming to lead and to serve with you all in June of 2009, God has worked, through the Holy Spirit’s guiding, to transform the people of Trinity into an authentic Community of faith—a CHURCH! Know than I am blessed and proud to be your pastor.  Just as I have encouraged you to use the real language of this disease—brain cancer, let’s continue to use straight talk about the whole thing. I feel blessed to be able to share this journey with you—that God might use all of this in positive and helpful ways for us all together. This seems to me, to be a gift God has given me to share on this journey. Amen?  Julie and I will be returning home briefly midday today for a short packing expedition. On Thursday morning, we (kids with us, will be leaving to travel, once again to Duke hospital, where we will be admitted for preoperative assessments and preparations. Then, sometime on Friday, or over the weekend, Dr. Friedman will be performing a surgical resection of as much of the mass in my brain as is safe and possible.

The Preacher, JJS, and PK Girl slipped into church on Sunday as the sermon was starting.  After worship, everyone walked to the back of the church to give them love.  This is what we encountered:
He may not have his hair, but he at least has his sense of humor.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with y'all and thanks for the prayers, love, and support.

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