If the shoe fits, buy it in every color.

I decided to help the Easter Bunny out this year and did some shopping of my own.  Here are the deals that I scored:

Sleeveless Tiered Multicolor Dress Sleeveless Tiered Multicolor Dress
Pretty tiered dresses from NY & Co. {here}

Sleeveless Tiered Dress
And also this solid-color version.  (I'm a creature of habit.  I find something I like and I buy it in every color.)  The best part?  I paid a total of $55.42 for all three dresses combined.

I picked up these adorable and super-comfortable sandals from Target.  The price?  $12.99!  I'm contemplating getting a few more in different colors.

I also picked up a pair of BOBS, Skechers version of TOMS.  I really wanted the real thing, but these were on sale at the local shoe store and Skechers donates two pairs of shoes to those in need for every one pair of BOBS purchased.  I can definitely get behind that cause.  In fact, I liked them so much, I found these puppies online and had to have them:

Ridiculous is my middle name.

After hitting publish on this post, I found these online and on sale, so I  snagged them, too.

Lord, help my bank account.

Did anyone else get any great deals over the weekend?


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bananas. said...

wait what? there were sales?! ahhh i didn't even know. i missed out.

fabulous scores though!

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