I'm internationally known on the microphone.

I just checked my blog stats, and I'm becoming an international sensation.  Kinda.  Here's the scoop on my readers outside of the United States:

  • Denmark: 5.  U bent ontzagwekkend to all of you from Denmark.  That means "you are awesome" in Dutch.  
  • Germany: 4.  Sie schaukeln meine Welt, Germans.  That means "you rock my world" in German.
  • UK: 1.  'Allo lad (or lady).
  • Philippines: 1.  Salamat sa pagbabasa, kaibigan.  That means "thanks for reading, friend" in Filipino.
See, I'm friendly and appreciative.  Keep reading.  Leave comments.  Be awesome.  Tell your friends. And leave a comment saying how you found me.

Anddddd scene.

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