I'd like 3.14 pieces of pie.

Why is it so cold?  I live below the Mason Dixon line in a state that is shaped like a piece of pie.  Like apple pie.  Apple pie is warm.  Maybe it cools down a little when you serve it a-la-mode, but it's still mostly warm.  And we have yet to have any a-la-mode up in this piece (I'm considering snow to be a-la-mode).  It's ridic.  It is currently 30 degrees outside and that's not acceptable.  It feels like it's just as cold in my office.  I have on a long-sleeve shirt, a fleece vest, a scarf, and a fleece jacket.  And I'm still cold.  Like freezing.  Now I want apple pie.  Crap.

I wish I had exciting stories to share today, but I don't.  I have stuff going on, but nothing that I'm ready to broadcast to bloggy land quite yet.  Still digesting it all.  Figuratively speaking.  I don't need to write about the things that I literally digest.

I'm going to go now and hope something exciting happens.  Wish me luck.

Hugs a-la-mode,

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