Bachelorette Bash

As you already read some of the details about the weekend, you know I threw the BFFAE a weekend to remember before she said "I do." We all gathered at the magnificent beach house in the Dirty Myrtle and made dinner and cocktails. We watched Bridesmaids and played some drinking games. Mostly, we just told embarrassing stories about ourselves and each other and giggled until we couldn't breathe. I passed out the Bridal Bash Survival kits I'd made for everyone. I knew we'd be needing some of the items pretty soon. The kits included: brightly colored BandAid s, Colgate Wisps, flossers, double-sided Hollywood tape, 500mg Tylenol, Wet Wipes, and a cocktail ring. All items ce in handy at some point during the weekend!
Around midnight, someone decided we should all get dresses up and walk to the bar down the road, called "The Shack." We figured it would be a local dive bar and hoped it would have karaoke, because that's how we roll. Everyone gets dressed in these mi I dresses and sky high heels. I opted to stay in my sundress and flip flops but I did add some makeup. We set off, thinking it was a few blocks away. It was a mile. When we got there, FINALLY, it was closed. And it was a pancake house. We'd be so so wrong. We sulked on the walk home and most people went straight to bed.

[Insert previous story about me breaking my foot. They put me in a splint in the ER and told me not to walk on it.]

The BFFAE and I get back from the ER and SD is awake. Everyone else is still asleep. The BFFAE cooks brunch for those of us who are awake. JW joined us a little later, and finally Elmo and RM. (KK and NB had gone out for brunch.) I broke the news that I would be able to go to dinner but I'd have to catch a cab back after because I wasn't going to be able to go to clubs and bars on crutches. Not safe or efficient. Well NB was not satisfied with that plan. She called and got us dinner reservations at a great restaurant, called and rented me a wheelchair from Walgreen's for the weekend (for only $10/day), and got us a limo for the evening. She hooked us up in true NB fashion. That girl flirts til it hurts and won't accept no as an answer. SR and AL joined the party that afternoon. We got all dolled up again and had a mini shower for the BFFAE. I planned a Bling the Bride shower and asked each guest to bring one piece of jewelry for her to be able to wear and enjoy and have as a memento from the weekend.

The limo picked us up and took us out to dinner. We were loud and fun, as usual. I think one family requested to be moved away from us, but another family bought us tequila shots. You lose some, you win some. We have such an awesome group of women and they all made sure that someone was pushing my wheelchair and that I wasn't left out, even though it was the BFFAE's celebration. We went to a few different clubs, sang karaoke, and danced. In true NB fashion, she got us a VIP Lounge in one bar. It was a nice place to park my wheelchair and relax. SR looks enough like Adele that NB started telling people she was the real deal. They believed us. It was too funny. Plus, while everyone was dancing in the club, I was on baby watch for Snooki's little nugget to be born. When we finally saw that it had happened, the BFFAE announced it to everyone in the bar. They weren't very excited. Most were just confused. But we were excited!

The next morning, we found a breakfast spot right down the road. (SR asked Siri/Google for bacon and we went where it suggested. We have priorities.) Between the 12 of us, we ate all of the bacon, drank all of the coffee, and I think I personally rid the place of all of the Dr. Pepper.

All in all, it was an epic weekend. Flip flops tried to kill me, but rental wheelchairs from Walgreen's saved the day. And pineapple vodka tastes like diesel fuel. Sugar cookie vodka is as sweet and sugary as it sounds. Adele is not pleased by paparazzi.

Bandaged hearts,

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