First Time

"I'm so tired of being inspired only when things slip away." 
Ernst by Matt Nathanson {here}

Wondering about the title and the random lyrics?  I've decided to "borrow" the idea from Grey's Anatomy and I am naming all of my blog posts after songs or albums that I like.  (We shall see how long that lasts.  I'm pretty famous for starting things with great intentions, and then somehow, them seem to fall to the wayside.)

I thought this was a fantastic choice for my first post because I'm slightly obsessed with Matt Nathanson, AND because I like this song.  Truth be told, I like the lyrics more than I like the actual music, but never mind that.  His words struck a chord in me and I think it's a good note on which to start this blogging adventrure.  (Too many musical puns for one sentence?  Get used to it.)

So, I hope that you'll follow me on this adventure.  Bear with me.  My topics may be unconventional or quirky or just plain self-serving, but that's the point of blogs, right?  Besides, I've never been accused of being "normal" anyway.

Love and Rockets,

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